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Jo-B Platinum Producer

RamFam Records


Miami Club Beats

Miami club beats is a new category for most in hip hop production even though the Miami club scene, as we know it today, has been prevalant for over two decades.

Miami club music has its roots in the early miami bass genre from the late 80's and early 90's. Miami bass, also known as "booty bass" or just "booty music", was known for its thick bass lines and hi-tempo drums that made trunks rattle all across the country.

Contemporary 305 hip hop artists, such as Pitbull and Trick Daddy, continue to keep "bootys shaking" while reinventing and redifining the current Miami sound.

Buy Miami club beats from and become part of the revolution that is striving for quality in a net full of "whackness" when it comes to hip hop beats. Don't buy those same-sounding beats that everyone else is buying. Why not go platinum?

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Title play genre/Type price buy
Miami NightsNew   Latin Club Style Dance Beat $35.00   Add to Cart
The Low DownNew   Bangin Club Bounce Track $35.00   Add to Cart
Do You Wanna   Reggaeton/Club swag, Hottt!!! $40.00   Add to Cart
It Paze to Be Me   Bangin' West Coast Club Beat $30.00   Add to Cart
On My Hip   Hip Hop, Club Rider Track $20.00   Add to Cart

Exclusive Hip Hop Beats

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Title play genre/Type price buy
Club Fresh   Bangin' Club Beat, Pack The Floor $250.00   Add to Cart
Da Best   Hip hop, Club track with Exotic Flavor $100.00   Add to Cart
Where Yo' Hood Be   Classic Go Get 'Em Hood Beat... $100.00   Add to Cart